Editorial Arts Academy: January 2018 Training for Aspiring Book Editors

On Saturday, January 27, I joined with Nancy Marriott to present Getting Started As a Freelance Book Editor, an all-day on-site training. With about forty participants from a variety of backgrounds, we explored the five major areas new editors need to know: 

  • Types of editors and where each participant fit in (we used an assessment quiz)

  • Lifestyle and money

  • How to get started

  • Setting up your business

  • Marketing for the bookish type

We also addressed the self-doubt that can accompany any life change with a meditation and writing exercise led by my sister, Jennifer Noel, LCSW.

This was the first official event of Editorial Arts Academy, the company I'm launching with Nancy. EAA is committed to helping wordsmiths prosper from their natural gifts. Every day, Nancy and I are grateful for our book editing careers, which give us flexible lifestyles, enough income, and rewarding work. We get to read for a living! We wanted to create an avenue for our fellow wordsmiths to explore book editing as a possible path for them, as well.

Editorial Arts Academy — Where Wordsmiths Learn to Prosper from Their Passion

Editorial Arts Academy — Where Wordsmiths Learn to Prosper from Their Passion


We have big plans for the future: online courses, community forums, webinars, publications, and live events. We'll not only provide training for the skills you need to become a book editor, but also offer inspiration, support, resources, and tried-and-true strategies for anyone ready to take the leap into the freelance editing life.

For more information about Editorial Arts Academy or to be added to our mailing list, email me at susannah@noeleditorial.com.