Our Book Editing and Proofreading Services

Since the early 1990s, we've been evaluating and improving fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, and we'd love to help with yours. Our strength lies in our ability to apply traditional, Big Five publishing standards to all authors, whether they're looking for an agent and hoping for a book contract or have decided to self-publish.

Publishing clients include St. Martin's Press, Simon and Schuster, Vintage Books, Tor/Forge, Flatiron Press, Picador, Thomas Dunne Books, Harvard University Press, Chelsea Green Publishing, and many others.  

To learn more or get started, email us at info@noeleditorial.com.

Manuscript Evaluation | 1 cent/word

Sometimes authors aren't sure what level of editing is right for them, or they want a more affordable option for receiving basic feedback on the strength of their manuscript at both the story and language levels. With a Manuscript Evaluation, we read the entire manuscript and provide an editorial feedback letter that lays out our impressions of your book in broad strokes. At the author's request, we include a recommendation for further editing, a sample edit, and a quote for our proposed services. If the author proceeds with a Developmental Edit after a Manuscript Evaluation, we deduct 1 cent/word from the cost of the Dev Edit.

Developmental Editing | starts at 2.5 cents/word

This is where most authors start. A developmental edit is a deep, comprehensive evaluation of your book's storytelling elements, such as POV, narrative structure, scene versus summary, dialogue, plot, and much more. You'll get a marked-up manuscript with our comments, suggestions, and example revisions, as well as a detailed editorial letter explaining our feedback. Includes two rounds.

Line Editing | starts at 2.5 cents/word

In a line edit, we assess each paragraph and sentence and make changes to address wordiness, unintentional shifts in tone and diction, word choice, transitions, and other issues at the language level. Includes two rounds.

Developmental + Line Editing | starts at 4 cents/word

Sometimes called substantive editing, our developmental + line edit takes place in two stages, with two rounds included in each stage. We first edit your manuscript for its storytelling elements, and then move on to refining and tightening the language. This comprehensive edit is especially popular among debut authors.



Copyediting | starts at 2 cents/word

A copyedit is a close read of your work to address grammar, punctuation, spelling, inconsistencies, and fact-checking. Unlike with line editing, at the copyediting stage, we do not fix or improve your style, but simply ensure your language is polished and consistent. We also create a style sheet. Includes two rounds.

Proofreading | starts at 1.5 cents/word

Although it may be tempting, we recommend never publishing your book without a proofread. This stage is a final once-over to eliminate last-minute errors. When possible, we compare the copyeditor's work to the laid-out files, providing quality assurance on the copyedit. We also point out problems with formatting such as missing page numbers, incorrect fonts, and so forth.

Copyediting + Proofreading | starts at 3 cents/word

When you hire us to both copyedit and proofread your book, we use a different proofreader than copyeditor so you get two pairs of eyes on your work.  

Pro Package | starts at 6 cents/word

The Pro Package includes all of the above (except the Beta Read/Manuscript Evaluation). When you choose this package, your manuscript undergoes the same editorial process used by traditional publishers to get a book ready for publication. Includes two rounds of developmental editing, two rounds of line editing, two rounds of copyediting, and a proofread, with plenty of opportunity for back-and-forth between author and editors.

How do I know which editing services are right for me?

We know it's not always easy to ascertain where to place your book in the above editing stages. Generally authors start with a developmental and line edit, although sometimes their manuscript is ready to go straight to copyediting. Because it's not always clear, we offer a Beta Read/Manuscript Evaluation in which we review your entire manuscript and make a recommendation from there. Or read this blog post for more guidance: How to Determine the Right Level of Editing for Your Book.

How do I know what you'll charge for each level? 

Our "starts at" rate is for the 20–30% of manuscripts that are already in solid shape, usually from experienced authors or books that have been revised and improved several times. To arrive at the per-word rate for your book, we ask you to complete an author questionnaire and send a 3,000-word sample. The majority of our books come in about .5 to 1 cent/word above our starting rates.

Do you offer consultations if I'm still not sure? 

Yes, we love talking to authors! We provide free 20-minute phone calls or Zoom meetings by request to discuss your particular situation. We're also more than happy to email with you: info@noeleditorial.com

How do I get started?

Just send us an email: info@noeleditorial.com. We look forward to learning about your book!